Protected Lands II

Third Seaday to Fourth Dryday of Melloramoon

The PCs arrive at Rethbane fortess, listen to Commander Axefist’s speech at midnight, and convince him to have Aelar raised from the dead. The PCs accept a mission to escort two Legionnaires to Flowrock Outpost out in the Burned Plain.

The three day trip to Flowrock is punctuated by a fight atop the wall with a kobold army, a lone zombie, a green glow from cracks in the bottom of The Chasm, and a couple minotaurs. After successfully reaching Flowrock and gathering a little information about Rethbane Shields, the PCs return to the Chasm and intercept the two Minotaurs.

A trial by combat with two Magma Fiends in an ancient Minotaur arena convinces the Minotaurs to give the PCs more information about Juliclast and the fate of the amulets.
[This Entry to be Deleted in Favor of Primary Narative]



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